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CheckMate™ QA Tackles Laboratory and Factory Floor Package Coding Verification

Incorporating a high resolution vision system and a held-held bar code scanner, CheckMate™ QA allows all aspects of package coding to be verified before and during a production run.

A typical verification workflow leads the user through:

1) Scan barcode on job/recipe/BOM sheet to load new job

2) Scan 2D data matrix code on label/sleeve to verify correct label/sleeve has been chosen

3) Scan barcode on case/carton to ensure correct case/carton has been chosen

4) Place pack under vision system to verify correct artwork, promotional labels & printed text

5) Enter key production data such as Modified Atmosphere Packaging gas percentages

On factory floor installations the relevant line is held in stop mode until 1)-5) are successfully completed. This prevents shipping incorrectly coded product.

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