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Experts in label verification


Label inspection, label verification team.

The CheckMate™ Vision line of label verification systems are developed and manufactured by ClearView Imaging Ltd, a machine vision specialist based in Oxfordshire, UK.

We have an ethos that will enable your company to eliminate the risk of customer fines/recalls and give you peace of mind when shipping products.

Since ClearView Imaging was first in established in 2008, the company has grown from a two man venture, into a thirteen strong team (and growing!) We’ve expanded a lot in the past few years, not only in size, but our collective knowledge has developed as our team has expanded and new products have been developed.

Moving to new premises in 2013 has helped assist our continued growth. A larger business space has meant we can produce systems in-house, and take on larger and more ambitious projects, with most technical development facilitated on site.

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